In a world of social distancing and stay at home mandates, as a fashion stylist and owner of Privee By Priya, I was facing a whole new challenge in my business.  Overnight I lost speaking engagements, booked clients and my busiest season.  This major set back had me feeling devastated and wondering if my business would survive and if it did… would it ever pick up again?

For my own sanity, I started exploring what I could do to navigate this new challenge.  I knew I wanted to provide humor during a time that was pretty dark, spread as much love to our essential workers and everyone around them and stay visible in an effort to keep my business viable.

I knew staying visible would be a challenge… our feeds our filled with things we may not want to see or hear.  So, I knew it needed to something fun and creative.

Cue TikTok… have you heard of it?  It’s a new app full of fun and creative ways to express yourself.  So, I started teaching myself on how to use it.  You can imagine the reaction I received when my teen age girls found out I was using it… their favorite medium and their mom (who’s in her 40’s) for them felt mortifying.

Teaching myself to use this new medium proved tougher than I thought it would be.  I had no idea how to create content, so I found a couple of TikTok business experts and dug in.  Next I hired my 2 teenage girls to be my production and editing team… yes they get paid!  And, with that said, they went from mortified to excited for mom!

I love a good challenge, so I jumped in and went for it!  The progress I have is made is visible and I must say the thrill of posting these videos has lifted my spirits.  The best part about all of this, is it’s created a bond with my girls.  It’s something quite fun we get to do together.

The icing on the cake… two boutique owners have asked me to feature them in my TikTok videos… I must be doing something right!