It might seem completely bizarre to be thinking of style in our current times. Many of us are struggling to balance it all.

Whether you’re working from home while helping your kids or worried about your job, there is a lot to take in. On top of that, you have the grocery run that takes everything to a whole other level. And if that wasn’t enough, we are all anxious about the financial markets, the health workers, the infected cases and our freedom.

If you’re anything like me… a simple sneeze and I vehemently believe I have tiny Coronas in me!

Amongst all the worry and balancing, style plays a very important role in our every day lives right now.

Firstly, you won’t hear me preaching about any uptight and perfectly coordinated to a T kinda style you wore “pre-corona”.

The good news… Corona style is about comfort, for sure, but it serves a larger purpose.

Most psychologists recommend keeping a daily routine even though we have nowhere to go. And getting dressed and ditching the PJs (as comfortable as they are) is a big part of this.

During these unusual times, here is how to adapt your style and why:

– PJ’s can be our mortal enemy! They’re forgiving and often stretchy and don’t restrict or shall I say remind us of our waistline. The bottom line… getting styled up each morning helps us keep our weight gain in check.

– If you’re balancing working from home, getting styled each morning helps define working hours vs. off duty hours. Having a structure for your day will save your sanity right now.

– It might be fun to lay around in your PJ’s but lets be honest, that doesn’t last long. I challenge you to show up for your family in style. Make a contest out of it with each other and vote who has the best style each day.

– And, lastly, if you’re working from home, doing online coffee dates or happy hour with friends on zoom, lets all show up for each other in style.

Bring a little joy into each day with style. Try on cute loungewear, loose-fitting denim, a breezy jumpsuits or an airy dress. It’s the perfect way to have fun and invite spring in during these times.

Above all, getting styled each day is a wonderful way to keep your mental health up during social isolation and adds a sense of hope to each day.