I’ve been fortunate enough to style a variety of people in an assortment of professions over the years. Each person is unique, with different needs based on what they’ll be doing in the items I’ve styled them in. This is why I always incorporate one specific element into all of my professional styling services: functionality.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to style local TV presenters for their on-camera segments and functionality was just as important as the fashion. They’ve got to be able to move around the set while looking good at all times and from a variety of angles. Have you ever noticed how television presenters always appear so polished and put together? Looking to incorporate some more camera-ready looks into your wardrobe? You’re in luck — I’m here to share some of my best camera ready fashion tips for you!

If you’re going on camera soon (be it on Zoom, YouTube, or the local news), follow my helpful tips to be ready for your close-up!

Fashion Tips for Filming

  • Avoid black and white
  • Steer toward colors like blue, red and green
  • Wearing a clip on mic? Avoid a shirt with a deep v-neck, as it could muffle the sound
  • Body tape is a great tool to make sure your clothes stay in place — especially if using your hands while presenting
  • Never underestimate the importance of hair, makeup & great lighting!

Now that you’re armed with a few handy tips, you can be ready to get in front of that camera for whatever your filming needs may be. Just remember the two most important things — smile and HAVE FUN!