Here’s the thing… whether you’re a working woman or man, a lady boss, entrepreneur, small biz owner or a work at home mom or solopreneur… a headshot is a necessity!
I know, I know… some of us get a little squirmy when it comes to having our pictures taken!  But, a professional headshot can provide the perfect first impression.  Whether it’s before a first interview or an in-person meeting it truly can make ALL the difference!
To make your life easier, I’ve put together some simple styling tips that will help you feel more confident + have you swooning over your own pics!
First, think clean, well-fitted clothing.  The truth is, not everyone needs to be in a suit!
Second, the colors you wear, are important!  A safe bet is hues of blues or burgundy.
Third, remember the first tip… think clean.  Which also means, extra layers like scarves and excessive jewelry can be distracting.
Last, but not least… when in doubt, less is more!  And, remember… a genuine smile speaks volumes.