Do you feel like there’s a hole in your fall wardrobe that you need to fill? If you haven’t been shopping in months (and months), I’m not surprised. It’s easy to fall off-trend when you make infrequent visits to the mall or consignment shop.

But when you avoid shopping because of budget constraints or because you just dislike shopping altogether, you’re actually doing a disservice to your wardrobe and your style.

You don’t have to spend big bucks to keep your wardrobe current. It’s a matter of buying a few pieces every season to elevate your style and refresh each season’s wardrobe to keep your look fresh. When you put off shopping until you’re desperate for new clothes, there’s a tendency to overspend and buy things that you don’t really need.

If you’re a professional or you care about how you look and feel in your clothes, you can’t put off shopping. If shopping isn’t your thing, you’ll hate it a lot less when you go more often and make fewer purchases each time (because there will be less that you actually need).

Here’s how to tweak your shopping habits and really elevate your style–on a budget–for the fall.

  • Grab a scarf and a jacket. You’ll get a lot of use out of these in the cooler months so you’ll want to buy quality pieces. I recommend having some quality, statement scarves to dress up different outfits.
  • Stay away from athletic shoes and go for lifestyle sneakers. These move away from the bright, neon running shoes to something more stylish and neutral. Think solid greys, black or taupe uppers.
  • Mix it up with accessories. Think Bohemian and minimalist this fall season. Go for big earrings, a long necklace, and not much else. Simple is in so pick up a new piece or two but don’t go overboard when dressing.
  • Find multi-purpose shoes. I love investing in a pair of shoes that I can wear again in the spring. If you’re a Birkenstock lover, there are some new styles and colors available right now. (And if you can see your foot imprint in your current pair, it’s time to shop!)
  • Lose the twinsets. Twinsets are for your grandma, so it’s time to say goodbye to them. Instead, find a new sweater or two with an interesting cut or style to layer with.

Shopping for the season isn’t about grabbing on-trend items. It’s about refreshing your wardrobe so you feel and look great every time you head out the door. You should be adding at least five new pieces each season to stay current and to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

If you’re budgeting and your shopping has to be minimal, I recommend investing in a new jacket, a new top, a sweater, accessories and shoes. As you’re shopping, make sure your new picks integrate well with what you already have in your closet so you can get good use out of everything.