I hope this finds you enjoying your week.  Although it may not look like it, Spring is here!  It has me wanting to get out and spruce up my wardrobe.  How about you?  So, as Spring blossoms, I can’t help but head out and pick-up some new pieces!  This week I wanted to share how you can pull together high and low-end fashions.

I headed to one of my favorite places to shop… Target!  I brought in my shoes, blazers, jewelry, handbags and made these extremely well-made Target pieces my own.

If you think you can’t mix high and low-end brands, I am here to tell you it rocks! The key to making it work is all about the fit!  So, keep a close eye on that.

Another thing I love… these pieces aren’t fast fashion that come in as fast as they leave.  They’re key pieces you get to keep.

My goal in these styles is to demonstrate how each piece can be ELEVATED.  You can… wear to work, wear to make a presentation or wear out to dinner!

It’s all about… WEAR TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!

I do this for myself and I do it for my clients.