Finding the right clothes can be frustrating when Baby comes. You’re so tired of the maternity pants, but your pre-baby clothes don’t quite fit yet. But because there are photos (SO many photos), you want to feel good–even if you still have a few pounds you’d like to lose.

Rather than feel frumpy in sweatpants or your husband’s old T-shirts, focus on finding something that fits and makes you feel feminine and beautiful while still giving you the comfort you need.

  • Don’t put away all the maternity clothes. As tired of the elastic-waisted pants as you might be, hang onto those second trimester bottoms and your flowy dresses. They have more give around the waist, which will feel a lot better than trying to squeeze into something that’s too tight.
  • Dig out the athleisure. You may have spent most of your pregnancy in the forgiving, comfortable style. Athleisure bottoms are often form-fitting and stretchy, perfect for compressing some of the bulge with a longer top.
  • Focus on the fit. A flowing, non-maternity top is a good choice, as long as it fits in the shoulders and isn’t too bulky. The bulkier the fabric, the more frumpy you’ll feel. And that’s never a good look or feel on a new mom.
  • Find something functional. As a new mom, you’ll be up and down constantly throughout the day (and night). And if you’re nursing, you need something comfortable and that allows for easy access without baring all to the world. If the traditional nursing tops aren’t your style, blouses that button down the front or that offer a crossover bodice are perfect.

  • Grab the accessories. Even if you only have a few pieces in your wardrobe that truly make you feel beautiful, accessories can create a new outfit for you every day. A statement diaper bag, trendy earrings, colorful scarves and coordinating handbags will help you to look good and feel good–and add some variety to your limited options.

No matter what you choose to wear post-baby, I recommend planning on multiple outfits throughout the day–for both you and your little one. You never know when Baby’s accident will spill over onto your clothes. So be sure to pack a coordinating shirt or two in the diaper bag for yourself!