Have you ever looked around the conference room or your corporate cafeteria and wondered if there was a memo sent out to wear neutrals to work? In my corporate days, I was always wearing neutrals… the black pantsuit, the grey (I don’t even like grey!) sweater, the ivory silk top… the list of neutral pieces goes on and on!

It took me a long time to add color to my closet. The truth is… I LOVE color! There is just something about color that makes me happy! How about you?

If you’ve been feeling like your wardrobe is in a color rut, let’s get you out of it! It’s amazing what a little color can do to your overall feeling and wellbeing! If you pick up a piece and you think… it will be too much, don’t! I promise you WILL like how you feel wearing it!

Of course, I am here to support you… so if having someone to help you pick out the right colors for you and your wardrobe if something you would love support with. Send me a message! I would love to help.

Embrace Color. Be bold. Take a chance.

? Chitra G Rochlani