Every day before work, you grab the black pants and silk top. It’s your go-to work wardrobe because it’s easy and it’s classic.

But it’s also tired.

I’m all for simplifying your wardrobe so you can avoid decision fatigue, but it’s getting a bit old. And boring.

Corporate fashion has changed over the years. It’s more trendy and forgiving than in the past, which is perfect if you tend to save your fun statement pieces for the weekends. You don’t have to do that anymore.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes you can make today to dress up your look at work next week.

Bring on the Maxis

Don’t save the summer floral maxis (or even mid-length dresses) for the weekend or summer party. Pair it with a lightweight blazer that complements the colors in the dress. But do swap the sandals or flip flops you’d wear on the weekend for some close-toed heels.

Go Monochromatic

Buy a pant and top of the same color, from the same designer. You can wear these as separates, but it’s a totally different look when you wear them together–like a jumpsuit for grownups. Break up the look with a metallic or textured belt and add a jacket. Keep in mind that not all jackets have to be a traditional blazer style. Experiment and have fun with them!

Printed Pants Please

Printed bottoms can be loud if the pattern is too busy. But add a neutral, underrated blazer or sweater on top and you have a great look that gets just the right amount of attention. This is a good look in the office during the spring or summer, when dress codes tend to relax a bit.

Menswear Works Too

If you have a thing for fitted menswear, you don’t have to save it for the weekends–as long as you’re wearing it well. A men’s style jacket paired with cropped, tighter pants is a good look for the office any time of the year.

Say Yes to Silk

Silk is the perfect fabric for work, but you don’t need to always wear it the same way. Pair a bold silk jacket with a tank and tight leather pants. Or wear with more relaxed suede or leather pants for a more unexpected look.

Change Up Your Blazer

Let’s do away with the boring blazer. They don’t all have to be fitted and wool-blend. Try a neutral button-down in suede you can wear buttoned up or open. It’s a little more relaxed, and something you can wear out on the town on the weekends.

No matter how you change up your corporate look, don’t forget to add the accessories! Your shoes, bag and accessories complete each outfit. My advice is to keep the jewelry simple, but be bold as you dare with your shoes.