Being on “mom duty” in the evenings or on weekends doesn’t give you a free pass to be a slob or frumpy. Sure, you want to be comfortable, but you also want to present a good image–especially if running into work colleagues is a possibility.

There’s a ton of options for taking your work look into the evening or finding ways to dress up what you typically wear at home. You don’t need to buy an entire wardrobe of weekend wear.

On the Ballfield

Heading out to your kids’ soccer games and volleyball tournaments, it’s easy to throw on the leggings and messy bun. But it’s possible to look stylish and sporty, without looking like you just got done running a half marathon.

Grab trendier sweats and a light jacket over a tank, rather than leggings and sports bra. It’s more versatile and polished than your workout clothes and will even work for a casual lunch or birthday party.

If you need to dress it up a little, try jeans with a T-shirt and bring along one of your work cardigans or blazers.

In the Warm Weather

As it gets warmer, you might be tempted to grab those running shorts and ribbed tanks. This is a perfect combination for the gym, but not when you’re running errands or heading to brunch.

Your summer sundresses aren’t just for the beach. Dress them up with a sharp blazer in leather or suede for a night out on the town. And trade those flip flops for flats or wedge sandals at your next baby shower or lunch date.

If you’re not feeling the dress, you can dress up your jeans with heels and a stylish tank to go out at night. This pulls from your work wardrobe without costing you anything extra.

Amp Up the Jewelry

Using less expensive accessories is the perfect way to dress up any outfit. Dangling earrings, statement necklaces and coordinating bangle bracelets bring polish to whatever you’re comfortable in.

You want to feel “put together” on the weekends because when you look better, you feel better. It’s all about putting your best foot forward so you’re productive and confident. Repurposing what you already have in your closet helps you to buy time in your life–because you don’t feel like you’re constantly having to make decisions about what to wear and what to buy. Winning!