I don’t care where you live; it’s hot. Whether you’re in the stifling dry heat of the desert or the drenching humidity of the South and East Coast or the unknown of the West Coast, you know you need to do something different if you’re going to survive until the cooler weather arrives. (PLEASE let it get here!)

No one wants to feel hot and sticky at work all day, so try some little tweaks to your wardrobe to make these dog days a little more bearable. The best news is that you probably have exactly what you need in your closet already–you just need to wear it a little differently.

Pull out the right fabric

Warmer temperatures call for lighter, more airy fabrics that breathe. Those wool or polyester pants need to go, as do anything that’s lined. Instead, go for linen and cotton on the top, and even on the bottom if possible. There are a lot of wrinkle-free linen options available today, but you can also go for a lighter (unlined) brushed wool.

Lose the sleeves

There’s nothing wrong with sleeveless tops in the office, especially one that’s dressed up with the right fabrics and patterns. A quality shell is more professional than a tank, but both pair well with a classy jacket. Scarves and statement jewelry can dress up sleeveless tops as well.

Look for the right colors

Not only is that black wool dress the wrong fabric, it’s also the wrong color. Darker colors absorb sunlight, so you’re bound to get hot if you’re commuting by foot or going for a midday walk. Choose lighter colors instead and dress them up with a patterned scarf or darker jacket you can take off outside.

Get the right fit

There’s a trend to show off that summer figure with tight-fitting clothes. Unfortunately, tight clothes hug the body and show off sweat marks, not to mention they’re stifling. Instead, a nice flair dress is roomy and airy–sure to keep you cool even on the hottest of days.

If I can make it through these hot months, so can you. Just choose your wardrobe wisely and you’re on the right track. And maybe plan a quick getaway to the beach, just in case.