Spring 2020 is upon us, and millions of us are finding ourselves in social isolation.  Typically, I’d be working my magic with my clients to do a closet edit in person, but our health and wellness takes priority.  As a result, I’ll be helping you maximize your style in another way.

These challenging times can produce excess anxiety, and one method I’ve found to be helpful in managing that anxiety is improving my surroundings.  One way to do this is through a DIY closet edit, and I’ll be sharing some of my professional tips with you to help you spark a little more joy into your days.

DIY Closet Editing Tips & Tricks

1.  Go all out!  By this, I mean take all your clothes out and place them on your bed or floor.  Spare no drawers, shelves or overflow closets.  Go through them all!

2. Evaluate.

Look for holes, stains – no ifs ands or buts…these need to go.

Ask yourself when you last wore these – has it been over 1 year?  PURGE.

See dust on the hanger or clothing itself? You have forgotten you even have these and it’s time to toss them.

Fit is all wrong but you have the urge to still hang on to the item?  Don’t.  It served you in the past and now it is time to find it a new home.

3. Don’t forget the shoes and accessories!  These need to be evaluated per step 2. You don’t want a perfect outfit with bad accessories!

4. Move winter clothes out of sight.  Your extra-warm clothing has served its purpose.  Only leave pieces that help transition into spring, and help on cooler mornings and nights.

5. Refold and restock your beautifully organized closet.  Don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy your oh-so fabulous wardrobe!

I promise your freshly-organized closet will bring you joy, reduce anxiety, and enable you to reach for more of those items you forgot you owned & loved!