Closet Styling

The Closet Styling service is perfect if you have a closet full of pieces you love but have no idea how to make them work together. Together, we’ll assess your current wardrobe and create complete looks for work and weekend!

How It Works


Step 1

It all begins with an in-home consultation. Together we dive into your most desired pieces and I pull together highlight pieces based on shape, texture, or color.  Then the fun part begins! 


Step 2

Next, I’ll ‘shop’ your closet and create cohesive looks that bring together some of your favorite go-to pieces, with items you never knew how to combine with others! 


Step 3

Together, we create complete outfits for work, social, events or simple lounging.  I walk you through the steps to creating each look and take pictures for reference.


Step 4

By the end of the Closet Styling Service, you will have a mix of career or casual looks based on your needs.  Each outfit will feel completely you and new – even though we never stepped into a single store!

Priya is fantastic and has an amazing sense of style. She began by asking a lot of questions and learning about my wardrobe objectives. We went through my closet together, and she helped me sort and organize while giving me great advice on how to pair things together in ways that I’ve never thought of! Whether for work attire or weekend casual wear, I’ve found that Priya is easy to work with, creative and spot on with her style suggestions and has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a good way). I would highly recommend her!

Mona Shah


How long is the closet styling? Will I be trying things on?
Depending on the size of the closet, the closet edit can take up to 2.5 hours.   As we create piles of items to sell or donate, we also create new looks with the pieces that stay, so YES, you will be trying things on.  It is like going shopping in your own closet.
Do I need to prepare anything for the closet purge?

It is very helpful to have a few big bags to put items that will be donated in.  It is also helpful to have coats and shoes pulled from closets and close to the main closet that is being assessed.