No matter what the weather where you live, changing up your wardrobe for winter doesn’t have to mean wearing bulky clothes and losing your style. No one wants to feel big and puffy in thick coats and scarves. Instead, follow these tips to show off your winter wardrobe in style.


Go for Colors

Living near New York City, I see way too many drab and dark jackets and coats. Instead, mix it up with a colorful, statement coat or two in different lengths and patterns. You don’t necessarily need to worry about making sure that the coat matches your shoes and bag, unless you plan to be outside for an extended period of time and your coat is part of your outfit. Be sure to have fun with your outerwear and leave the puffy wool coat at home.


Layer it Up

You don’t always need to don a winter coat when you’re out and about in the winter. Depending on the weather and where you’re going, you could pull out a chunky sweater that’s oversized and allows you to layer. A wrap or poncho is also a good choice if you won’t need to be outside long, or if the weather behaves. Then layer these with long-sleeved tops and thin sweaters to complete the look.




Accessorize Strategically


One of my favorite ways to play with a wardrobe is through accessories. And in the winter, you can add a few more that you don’t use in the summer.

  • Scarves – Go for bold colors and patterns that pick up the colors in your coat. These are typically inexpensive so you can mix and match, making every day like a different outfit–even if you’re wearing the same outerwear. Wool blends are nice and warm, but be sure to keep the scarf outside your jacket so it can be seen! Silk scarves are usually more colorful, if weather permits.
  • Shoes – You have a lot of options with shoes, depending on what type of pants you’re going with. Tall boots are great for fitted pants and skirts while shorter boots and booties pair well with wider-legged trousers.
  • Hats – A hat helps to keep your body warm, but many women shy away from them because of the hair factor. A nice beret fits loosely on your head so your hairstyle doesn’t suffer. And scarves are a nice substitute if loosely tied around your neck and over your head, when needed.


I happen to love dressing in the wintertime because there are so many more options for clothing and accessories. Ditch the baggy sweatshirt and beanie hats to maintain style and comfort in the cold weather.